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Free activation of Windows & Office , completely legal



The principle of this activation method is to obtain a genuine license by installing the official VOL (Volume Licensing) version of Office provided by Microsoft and activating it through KMS. Activation of Windows and Office is free and completely legal.

Preparation Stage#

Activating Windows#

Before activating Windows, you need to make sure you have KMS Server deployed. If you don't know how to deploy it, you can use a third-party KMS Server (

  1. Press the Windows key, type cmd and select Start as administrator
  2. Enter the command slmgr -skms {Your KMS Server IP}
  3. Continue to enter the command slmgr -ipk {Windows KMS Client Setup Key} (to select the corresponding system version)
  4. Finally, the slmgr ato setting is automatically activated

Activate Office#

Install Office VOL Version#

  1. Download the Office Deployment Tool and run and agree to the ELUA license

  2. Choose your desired configuration through the Office Version Customization Tool, or quickly install it through my config file

  3. Copy the path to the folder where the configuration file is located (like. C:\User\bs10081\Desktop\office)

  4. Open cmd as an administrator

  5. Enter the command to move the directory to the profile folder cd C:\User\bs10081\Desktop\office

  6. Enter the command to download Office setup download config.xml (P.S. config.xml needs to be replaced with the file name you exported using the Office Version Customization Tool, but not if you are using my configuration.)

  7. Install Office setup configure config.xml

Activation Office#

  1. Enter the command to move the directory to the Office software folder cd C:\Program Files \Microsoft Office\Office16
  2. Set KMS Server IP cscript ospp.vbs /sethst:{Your KMS Server IP}
  3. Activate Office cscript ospp.vbs /act
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