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Use macOS keybindings on Windows

Using macOS Key Layout in Windows#

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Download and Install PowerToys#

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Modify Keyboard Mapping through Keyboard Manager#

  1. Find Keyboard Manager in the left sidebar.


  1. Add settings in Keys.

Untitled 1

  • Alt (Left) to Ctrl
    • Caps Lock to Shift (Left)
      • This feature is an option, depending on personal habits of switching languages. If you're accustomed to using Caps Lock for switching between languages, you can set it to Shift.
      • However, if you play games that require Caps Lock, then that's a problem, for example, Valorant.
  1. Add settings in Shortcuts.

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  • Ctrl (Left) + Backspace to Delete
    • This setting allows Windows to use Command + Backspace to delete, just like macOS.
    • Ctrl (Left) + Tab to Alt (Left) + Tab
      • Since Ctrl and Alt have been swapped previously, now the functionality of switching windows using Alt (Left) + Tab and switching within app windows using Ctrl (Left) + Tab needs to be swapped again.


This essentially completes the requirements for mapping Windows and macOS key layouts.

Reference Materials#

PowerToys Keyboard Manager Utility for Windows

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